Be the type of man you’d be happy seeing our daughter marry one day. You are who she is looking to for guidance on how a woman should expect to be treated. Help me teach her respect, love and patience.

Be careful how you talk about women. Don’t talk about us as objects or focus in on body type or perceived flaws because she will hear it, she will internalize it and it will weaken her. Admire a woman for their intelligence. Admire a woman for their accomplishments. Admire a woman for more than what is on the surface.

Value my contributions to the household even if there is no dollar amount attached. I know it can be frustrating after a long day at the office, but remember you get to leave yours, I don’t. Constant comments about the leftovers we are having for the third day in a row, or how you’ve been out of underwear for two days now not only undermines the way she will view me, but the way she will view herself if there ever came a day where she had a child of her own, and became a stay at home mom—or a working mom for that matter.

Don’t shy away from opportunities to interact with her because of society’s obnoxious idea that emotions have anything to do with masculinity. Have the princess tea party, light up the world like nobody else à la One Direction and wear the fairy wings because the one person you should always be aiming to impress, the one person whose opinion truly matters isn’t going to think you’re less of a man for creating lasting memories with her.

At the end of the day, our daughter is looking up to you in more ways than you will ever know. Show her the kind of man she deserves. Fuel her esteem. Love her without bias, or stereotype. Nurture her imagination and shut up and dance with her.

Earn that coffee each day and in the cup that reads “Best Dad Ever”.


Hello Lovelies!

Thank-you for joining my blog on all things Mom Life. For me, I’ve never viewed motherhood as being my job, it’s my way of life, and an amazing one at that! In early 2015, I was thrown into the lion’s den and have loved every poop stained, sleepless, snuggly, and absolutely crazy minute. Since then, I have discovered passions I never thought I’d enjoy, and found strength I did not know I had. Momknowssomethings.com is my way of sharing my passion for motherhood, marriage, food, health, kids, house, and home through humor, love and empowerment.

My child is my world, so I need to make sure her’s is filled with love, laughter, safety, tolerance and wonder.




Fake it till you make it, right? That’s kind of the motto we all live by in our day-to-day lives. Everything we do is a free fall, praying hard that we will somehow land butter side up.

Woman are beautiful, powerful beings that were meant to dazzle and shine, yet somehow as we dance along with life’s sexy little song, we misstep and fall flat on our ass. Crashing down, we spill our drink all over our newly upholstered sofa, staining the light fabric. To our dismay, we find that no amount of club soda will scrub the stain away so all there is to do is to flip the cushion and hope to be more careful in the future. This blog is a reminder that, while we may stumble the glass at times we are all exceptional women.

With love in our heart, a kiddo by our side and a Mary Poppin’s bag full of tricks, Moms run the world; So, Rise and Shine beautiful Goddesses and don’t forget to leave a little sparkle!